A Norwegian undersea surveillance network that is capable of detecting submarines has had its cables mysteriously cut.Police were called in to investigate amid suspicion could have 'sabotaged' the undersea sensors, which predominantly monitor fish but can pick up the movement of submarines.The cables were cut and then disappeared, with the Institute of Marine Research describing 'extensive damage' to the outer area of the Lofoten-Vesterålen (LoVe) Ocean Observatory.LoVe consists of a network of underwater cables and sensors located on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, an area of strategic interest for both Norway and Russia.LoVe, which was only declared fully operational in August 2020, has been offline since the outage in April. Police were called in to investigate amid suspicion Russia could have 'sabotaged' the undersea sensors, which predominantly monitor fish but can pick up the movement of submarines.

Pictured, the surveillance networkNorway's military and the country's Police Security Service are allegedly investigating what could have happened to the research surveillance system, which is in place to monitor the effects of climate change.It measures methane emissions and fish stocks, providing scientists with a live feed of imagery, sound and other data. Data gathered by its sensors, which can also pick up submarine activity, is first sent to the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). RELATED ARTICLES

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'FFI is believed to routinely remove traces of any submarine activity in the area before turning over the observatory's data to IMR so that it only contains fishing, currents, and climate information,' according to a report from Norway's News in English website. 'We don't care so much about the submarines in the area (located not far from onshore military installations at Andøya, Evenes and other bases in Northern Norway), 카지노사이트 but we know the military is,' IMR director Sissel Rogne told the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv/p>'You could see what's going on down there regarding all types of U-boats [submarines] and all other countries' U-boat/p>In a press statement last Friday Geir Pedersen, the LoVe project leader, said 'something or someone has torn out cables in outlying area/p>More than 2.5miles of LoVe's 40 miles of fiber optic and electrical cables were removed, reports claim/p> An unmanned submarine traced the cause to Node 2, a surveillance platform 820 feet underwater that was dragged away from its normal location. Another mission in September found Node 3 had also been moved and its cables were miss/p>

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